Get your Nom Nom on!

We are excited to announce that we should be in all of the Hele Gas station Nom Nom stores by the end of next week, 8/17!  Be sure to check the "where to find us" tab to find the most convenient location. 


DE.HI 24/7

Whether you wake up with your stomach growling in the middle of the night, or just want something that will be easier on your stomach the next day than Jacks will at 3am, now you can get your Chiyaki fix on anytime!  By the end of this week, you should be able to find our 2.5oz bags in your nearest Safeway throughout the state.  They are currently carrying Chiyaki and Pepper, so if you dying for some hauna garlic breath or some spicy big bags, you still gotta drag your okole to Sand Island and get it at our shop (though Aloha Gas has the smaller bags of those two flavors).


Another reason to go with DE.HI

A new study published in Molecular Psychiatry found a strong link between nitrates and psychiatric disorders.  The study found that people that ate jerky, cured meats, and hot dogs with nitrates were three and a half more likely to be hospitalized with a manic disorder.  At DE.HI all of our jerky is nitrate free.  So why do many meat snacks contain nitrates?

Nitrates are used as a preservative to fend off bacteria that grow due to moisture.  Bacteria need four things to grow: moisture, protein, a non-acidic environment, and oxygen.  Most jerky tries to have some moisture, meaning it has three of the key ingredients for bacteria to grow, the bags are usually flushed with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen as best as possible.  However with moisture at that level, an added precaution is taken with the addition of nitrates.

DE.HI crispy jerky by contrast tries to get rid of as much moisture as possible.  This is part of what makes our products crispy, but at the same time, having nearly no moisture in our jerky gives us the ability to be additive free while still maintaining a level of protection against bacterial growth. 

Made In Hawaii Less than a month away!!

Made in Hawaii is less than a month away! This year it will be on August 17,18, & 19th at the Neal Blaisdell.  Last year we sold out of Chiyaki by noon on Sunday, but this year we're making double the amount so we should have enough crispy jerky for everyone.  New from last year will be our Kalua Pork and Doggie Treats.

We will also have a limited run of something that no one else in the world has.  We believe that it could just be the next super food!  It will only be a very limited run, so be sure to get there early and be one of the first people in the world to try this new protein!

Made In Hawaii 2018.png


You have spoken, and despite what our wives may say, we listen.  Introducing crispy jerky by the case.  Since many of our customers realize that one or two bags is not nearly sufficient, we're introducing a 10% discount when you buy a case worth (in our Sand Island shop only).  And yes, you are able to mix and match flavors, just not sizes.  


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Awesome write up by Betty Shimabukuro in today (07/11/2018) Honolulu Star-Advertiser.  Just missed out one flavor though, that's the spicy.  Still more than happy to get free advertising!  We're currently out of stock on the kalua pig, but will have that back in stock by Monday.  Be sure to swing by the shop and get some crispy jerky before your Pau Hana. Stay tuned for a couple big announcements that should be coming by the end of the month.


Spread the Aloha

This past weekend, we got a chance to deliver a little bit of Aloha to those that have their lives devastated by Pele.  It was humbling to meet the folks that are volunteering their time to help the residents of Puna.  The outpouring of Aloha from the local community as well as the entire state shows that Aloha is still alive and well.  We're a small company so we weren't able to donate as much as we would have liked to, but hopefully we were able to put a smile (even if for a brief moment) for those that have lost their homes.  If you would like to help out, pleas check out the facebook page for Pu'uhonua O Puna. 


Hello Kauai!

DE.HI has added a couple more locations on the Garden Isle.  Be sure to pick your protein packed crispy jerky at the Sheraton Kauai gift shop and The Wine Shop in Koloa.  The perfect light weight snack for a nice hike or a day of chasing all the wild chickens.

Kauai 1.jpg
Kauai 2.jpg

Another retailer in Waikki

We're excited to announce that another retailer will be carrying our crispy jerky.  The market in Holiday Inn Express on Kuhio will begin carrying small packages of Chiyaki and Spicy. (formerly and Ohana hotel, and if you old enough where TGIFridays used to be).  So whether you coming for a visit, or just doing a staycation be sure to pick up your DE.HI to satisfy that midnight craving that always happens when you stay at a hotel with an empty fridge.

Holiday Inn Waikiki.jpg

DE.HI Jakee Meccha Umai!

Our friends over at Beer Lab on University had a write up on a Japanese website about how awesome their craft beer is (it is) and they were sure to include what goes perfect with a nice cold beer!  Unfortunately my kanji reading skills aren't up to par so I needed a translator, but apparently the author of the article said that once you take a bite of our crispy jerky that they sell over there, you won't be able to put it down.  We couldn't agree with them more.  Thanks to Nick and the folks over at Beer Lab for allowing us to give their customers the perfect compliment to their awesome beer.  Check out the article below...


Shipping pricing fixed!

Were you desperately craving some Chiyaki?  Was the thought of crispy garlic beef jerky keeping you up at night?  Good news!!!! We were finally able to fix the shipping bug that was causing the price to ship more than the actual product itself (although people in Hawaii have to deal with this every time we order something not through Amazon Prime).  The pricing is based on a flat rate box from USPS which ships pretty quickly.  So go ahead and give yourself something to look forward to by placing an order today.

computer fix.jpeg