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Another reason to go with DE.HI

A new study published in Molecular Psychiatry found a strong link between nitrates and psychiatric disorders.  The study found that people that ate jerky, cured meats, and hot dogs with nitrates were three and a half more likely to be hospitalized with a manic disorder.  At DE.HI all of our jerky is nitrate free.  So why do many meat snacks contain nitrates?

Nitrates are used as a preservative to fend off bacteria that grow due to moisture.  Bacteria need four things to grow: moisture, protein, a non-acidic environment, and oxygen.  Most jerky tries to have some moisture, meaning it has three of the key ingredients for bacteria to grow, the bags are usually flushed with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen as best as possible.  However with moisture at that level, an added precaution is taken with the addition of nitrates.

DE.HI crispy jerky by contrast tries to get rid of as much moisture as possible.  This is part of what makes our products crispy, but at the same time, having nearly no moisture in our jerky gives us the ability to be additive free while still maintaining a level of protection against bacterial growth.