We have two events for those on the Leeward side coming up if you want to come get some of our ono crispy jerky and can't make it into town to our shop or to Aloha Stadium on Sunday mornings.  We will be doing an event at the UFC Gym in Waikele for UFC Fight Night on April 8. So if you need a protein blast pre or post workout, be sure to hit up our table there.  We will also be doing Eat the Street's Garlic event the same day, April 8, in Wahiawa from 4-9pm.  DE.HI will be showcasing our special order different variances of garlic.  You'll be able to get our traditional garlic flavor, as well as spicy-garlic and garlic-chiyaki.  Everything thing you need to make your significant other beg for kisses will be on showcase!