Chiyaki   1.25oz  $5           2.5oz  $10         Traditional Japanese style teriyaki with a little chipotle and a touch of ginger

Garlic     1.25oz  $5           2.5oz  $10          A shoyu base with a gracious dusting of garlic and black pepper

Spicy     1.25oz  $5           2.5oz  $10           Have your beer handy cause this one's got a little heat to it

Pepper  1.25oz  $5           2.5oz  $10          By popular demand, we took the heat out of our spicy to make a "plain" flavor


All four of our flavors contain some form of spice to get the metabolism flowing.  If you would prefer something with absolutely no spice, we are able to do a simple teriyaki flavor by request.  Please feel free to email us how many bags you would like, and when you will be picking them up and an associate will reach out to confirm.


Kalua Pork      2.5oz $10       No imu?  No problem!  DE.HI's take on a traditional Hawaiian dish that will blow your mind

Korean BBQ Pork 1.25oz $5 2.5oz $10 A bit of sweet, a touch of spice, and a whole lotta flavor

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