Another retailer in Waikki

We're excited to announce that another retailer will be carrying our crispy jerky.  The market in Holiday Inn Express on Kuhio will begin carrying small packages of Chiyaki and Spicy. (formerly and Ohana hotel, and if you old enough where TGIFridays used to be).  So whether you coming for a visit, or just doing a staycation be sure to pick up your DE.HI to satisfy that midnight craving that always happens when you stay at a hotel with an empty fridge.

Holiday Inn Waikiki.jpg

DE.HI Jakee Meccha Umai!

Our friends over at Beer Lab on University had a write up on a Japanese website about how awesome their craft beer is (it is) and they were sure to include what goes perfect with a nice cold beer!  Unfortunately my kanji reading skills aren't up to par so I needed a translator, but apparently the author of the article said that once you take a bite of our crispy jerky that they sell over there, you won't be able to put it down.  We couldn't agree with them more.  Thanks to Nick and the folks over at Beer Lab for allowing us to give their customers the perfect compliment to their awesome beer.  Check out the article below...


Shipping pricing fixed!

Were you desperately craving some Chiyaki?  Was the thought of crispy garlic beef jerky keeping you up at night?  Good news!!!! We were finally able to fix the shipping bug that was causing the price to ship more than the actual product itself (although people in Hawaii have to deal with this every time we order something not through Amazon Prime).  The pricing is based on a flat rate box from USPS which ships pretty quickly.  So go ahead and give yourself something to look forward to by placing an order today.

computer fix.jpeg


After a year of paperwork, construction, and many 90 hour work weeks, we have finally gotten our crispy beef jerky (pork will come a little later) USDA Inspected.  So if you live on outer islands or the mainland, we can now ship to you!  We are in the process of updating our website to be able to take online sales, so bear with us while we get that going.  

Additionally, we are now able to wholesale, so we should be in all of Oahu Aloha Gas Stations by the end of April (Outer Islands hopefully early May).  As new locations to pick up our made in Hawaii crispy jerky are added, we will be sure to post in the "where to find us section"  Mahalo to all that have allowed us to put a smile on their face while snacking on DE.HI jerky!

InkedGrant of inspection_LI.jpg

Big Things a' comin!

Don't want to jinx anything yet, but there should be a rather big announcement coming from DE.HI in early April.  In the meantime to get all your minds racing on what could possibly be more awesome than our delicious crispy beef jerky, here's a teaser of one bit of the news.  We are re-vamping our packaging and asked for customer feedback via instagram of which design they liked, and great minds must think alike because majority of customers agreed with management that this design was the most aesthetically pleasing.  DON'T WORRY, our recipes and flavors aren't changing, nor is the price so no need to stress yourselves out.  But stay tuned, and be sure to stop by our new Sand Island location to get your crispy jerky fix! 

New Packaging.jpg

DE.HI taking over the world!!

Just discovered a cool analytical tool on our website that allows us to see where web traffic is coming from.  Wow!  All of the countries that are shaded in have at least one view from that country last year.  How a tiny little operation from a spec in the Pacific Ocean has reached Egypt and India is beyond us.  But thank you to all of you that have shared your love for our crispy jerky with friends and family.  We are extremely grateful to our loyal customers as well as newbies that have enjoy our product.  It was a crazy first year for us and we should have some big news forthcoming that will make it easier to get your crispy jerky fix!  Mahalo Nui everyone!

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Gear up for the Big Game!

For all of those that are tied to their desks Monday through Friday and can't make it to our shop in Sand Island, I've got good news!  We will be participating in the ESPN 1420 Jersey Fun Run on Saturday, Feb 3rd.  Be sure to come on down to Aloha Stadium and swing by our booth for some of our highly addictive crispy jerky.  We'll have our original flavors as well as the newest addition on deliciousness, Kalua Pork.  We may also be sampling our newest creation for customer feedback.  So put your favorite jersey on, bring the keiki down, and enjoy some locally made grinds guilt-free after you run the 3k course.

Fun Run.jpg

No imu? No worries, DE.HI got you covered!

In our infinite quest to come up with the most flavorful and innovative products, we have captured the ono flavor of kalua pig in a chip form.  Traveling off island for a few weeks and gonna need some comfort food?  Kid's away at school on the mainland and tired of steak and potatoes?  Or just looking for a good snack to have while you sit in two hours of traffic daily?  DE.HI got you! Our new kalua pig flavor is made with pork with as much fat trimmed off as possible to create a healthier take on this traditional Hawaiian dish.  Be sure to pick up your bag of crispy kalua pork jerky today.


Surprise Flavor coming!!!!

We will be unveiling a new flavor on a new protein at the Honolulu Marathon Expo, taking place December 7-9 at the Honolulu Convention Center.  While we are still putting the finishing touches on it, we can tell you it is going to be a pork version of our crispy jerky.  We will have limited supply at the expo, but will be adding at least a couple of new flavors to our lineup.  Be sure to come on down to the convention center next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to pick up your favorite flavor of ono crispy beef jerky as well as try out our newest concoctions!  Hope to see you there.


Busy, Busy, Busy

With the move to our new location, we haven't really been updating our website as often as we should.  Good news is the new shop is up and running.  Be sure to come on down to Sand Island Center for some of our ono crispy beef jerky.  We also have drinks to quench your thirst in case you decide to inhale too much of the spicy jerky!  DE.HI is always looking forward and trying to continue to innovate.  Our next task is coming up with some new flavors for our pork line we hope to debut in early December when we will be doing the Honolulu Marathon Expo at the Convention Center.  Be sure to follow us on instagram for our latest creations.

Come one come all!

After attending three expos in Chicago and Vegas, we have been hard at work making our crispy beef jerky for the upcoming Food and New Products show this weekend 10/13-10/15 at the Blaisedell Exhibition Hall.  Hopefully we have enough stock as the last event we did, we ended up selling out by mid-day Sunday.  Better come early and scoop up your Chiyaki, Garlic, and Spicy jerky!